A blockchain-based app, Bartero is the tool for personal datastorage and monetization. Every user has a unique smart contract issued in bartero blockchain where all the profiling data gets encrypted and tokenized. Users then can start selling their profiles to brands they love by joining marketing campaigns and tasks.

Est Lite

Asset tokenization is the process of using blockchain technology to move real- world assets into a blockchain. The idea behind asset tokenization is quite simple: it allows to convert the rights to assets with economic value into a digital token. Such tokens can be stored and managed on a blockchain network. EST LITE dashboard takes care of investors onboarding, compliance-including KYC, AML, and accredited investors verification.


EstxCoin is an non-monetary cryptographic medium of economic exchange that is designed for market participants who wish to settle their financial claims via alternative means of payment. EstxCoin is non-monetary store of value that is processed via PoS Blockchain algorithms. EstxCoin is a disintermediated direct payment service with no middle-man payment service providers and is processed autonomously without middle-man payment system operators. EstxCoin provides for 24/365 multilateral real-time gross settlement of the payment claims between node and masternode participants in its distributed Blockchain ecosystem.


Hashpex Is a mining pool with a protocol for a group of miners to work together, in order to smooth out their mined coins. Pooled mining is a mining approach where multiple generating clients contribute to the generation of a block, and then split the block reward according the contributed processing power.

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